Functional imaging examinations on patients using radioactive substances: we use scintigraphy, SPECT and PET to visualize biochemical processes in the body (such as active cancer, inflammation, tissue perfusion, etc.) and combine these technologies with cross-sectional methods such as CT and MRI for precise anatomical localization. Our department played a key role in pioneering these hybrid imaging methods and was the world leader in implementing the methods in the field of cancer, cardiac diagnostics and neuroimaging. Nuclear medicine is not limited to diagnostic procedures, but also offers several treatment options. While therapies of thyroid disorders are among the classics in the nuclear field, a growing number of specific treatments for other cancer types (focusing on theragnostic concepts) have been developed over the past years.

In order to bring our service even closer to the patients, we operate our PET/CTs at three different locations. This allows us to meet our patients closer to their homes. Whenever possible and desired, we will refer your patients to the nearest PET area Central Site Rämistrasse (Zurich), Site Schlieren (Wagiareal) or Site Wollishofen (train station).
At all locations, patients benefit from the latest PET technology. Planning and reporting are always carried out in best quality by the experienced team of the Department of Nuclear Medicine USZ.


Philipp A. Kaufmann MD
Professor and Chairman of Nuclear Medicine
Director of Cardiac Imaging


Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich
+41 44 255 35 55


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