Hybrid hands-on Course in Hybrid PET Imaging

​Course date:
January 8 - 12, 2018
Course site:
​UniversityHospital Zurich

Course Contents Description

- Max. 40 participants
- 28 lectures on hybrid PET imaging and its clinical
- One workstation (AW-Server per 3 participants) for 
   individual case interpretation
- Individualized case reading in 2 groups of 10-20 participants
  under supervision
- Hands-on MR, PET/CT and PET/MR session including FDG
   injector handling
- 2 hour workshop on quantitative image analysis
- Individual choice of 4 out of 8 workshops (rank preferred
  WS # as per below when registering)
- 5 lunches, morning and afternoon coffee breaks included

Individual choice of 3 out of 7 self-reading topics to suit participant’s need

1.     Brain tumors and metastases
2.      Neurodegenerative Disease: non-Amyloid tracers
3.     Head & Neck Cancer including Thyroid Cancer
4.     Lung and Breast Cancer
5.     Abdominal tumors (including neuroendocrine tumors,
6.     Male and female GU imaging (including F-Choline and
7.     Lymphoma and melanoma

Note: cases discussed in workshops comprise PET/CT and PET/MR cases

Registration is open:
Registration form 2018
​​​In collaboration with:
​​Bayer, GE Healthcare, Guerbet, Lilly
B OPS 22 (map 6)
Course material:

​data from extensive teaching file, pdf files of lectures at end of course

Certificates CME Credits:    
​- An appliation has been made to the EACCME for CME accreditation of this event.

Options/Fee in CHF:

​- A: all days / 1'350.00 CHF