Hybrid and molecular cardiac imaging

The Department of Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital Zurich has positioned itself prominently on the forefront of international cardiac imaging research over the last decade. Our institution has repeatedly conducted pioneering work for example by developing and validating coronary computed angiography tomography (CCTA) with very low radiation dose exposure, novel gamma cameras with semiconductor detector technique (i.e. cadmium zinc telluride detector cameras), and last but not least through combination of both modalities in the form of hybrid SPECT/CCTA imaging. Another strong focus of research emphasizes on cardiac perfusion and viability imaging by means of PET/CT and PET/MR.

The Department of Nuclear medicine puts a strong focus on interconnecting clinical research with basic science and pursues close collaborations with the ETH Zurich and other national and international research facilities.

Please find an overview of all cardiac imaging publications from our Department here: Link zu Pubmed:

Figure 1 Forschung.png
Illustration of the heart by means of CCTA (A), hybrid imaging (B, i.e. a combination of CCTA and SPECT or PET), and cardiac MRI (C).

Contact person
Tel. +41 44 255 10 59

Professor and Director Philipp A. Kaufmann MD        
Ronny Büchel MD
Prof. Cathérine Gebhard MD, PhD         
Aju Pazhenkottil MD

Anja Zabel, Study Coordination

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