Hybrid and molecular brain imaging

Nuclear medicine is equipped with a state-of -the art infrastructure, which includes 3 PET-CT systems and an integrated PET-MR scanner. In the brain the main research interests concern dementias and the glutamatergic system. The latter is performed with the tracer 11C-ABP, which was developed by radiochemistry of the ETHZ and it binds to the glutamatergic receptor mRGlu5. We looked at the distribution of mRGlu5 in normal subjects, sleep deprivation, smokers, schizophrenia, depression and patients with compulsive disorders.

The dementia research is conducted in close collaboration with the clinic for geriatric psychiatry.

A summary of the research activities is found here: Link zu Pubmed

Contact person
Tel. +41 44 255 40 15

Valerie Treyer PhD

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