Hybrid and molecular tumor imaging

We were the first center, which developed and introduced internationally hybrid imaging in clinical routine. A big focus therefore still lies in the further development of hybrid molecular imaging, which has occupied a central place particular in tumor diagnosis. Currently we are at forefront working on the newest technology, the Time-of-flight PET / MRI.

In several projects, we investigate new technologies (radiopharmaceutical substances, representation of tumor metabolism and tumor perfusion, image reconstruction or new MRI sequences) to improve the visualization of various tumor diseases. The aim is to efficiently and economically employ the proper method at the right time.

Besides our technology optimizing research, we also work closely with the various clinics of the University Hospital Zurich, in order to help answering clinically relevant questions with our technologies and facilities.

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Prof. Paul Stolzmann
MD Irene Burger 
MD Martin Hüllner